About Us

Adaptable social and Responsible Marketing Private Limited

We have been working for almost 2 years for creating new Opportunity for everyone to become self-dependent by helping each other as Our Tag line itself says “Help others to grow yourself”

Now we are upgrading our self. As a Social and Responsible group, we are presenting India’s E-commerce website “ASRSUVIDHA.in”, made in India and made for India.


   Now we are trying to give your power (Consumer power) back in your hands, we are going to convert your expenditure (Basic need) in prime source of earning without changing your product or brand.


      Yes we want to clarify that our company is not compelling you to buy our product, we are just asking to change your pattern of buying not the product that you buy. We will provide you each and everything you need under one roof with quality and Service assurance plus 100% cash back guarantee.


“We are going to change your whole shopping experience and we are committed to it.”


Adaptable -: Consumer is our priority that’s why we are Adaptable as per our consumer’s requirements.

Social -: We are trying to solve the biggest social problem “Poverty”.

Responsible -: We have accepted a Responsibility to convert “your expenses into your Income.”


Here are our core values, see if yours align.


·         Communicate-You seek to understand before being understood.


·         Set each other up for success - Your success depends on everyone’s work, so give each other the best opportunities possible.


·         Do now rather than later - You anticipate and act with confidence.


·         Be hungry for a better way - You are always searching for a better solution.


·         Good is the enemy of great - You strive to go above and beyond expectations.


·         Embrace transparency - You work and act with honesty and integrity.


·         Be respectful - Your respect for others builds trust and trust creates a positive environment.


·         Work with passion - Love what you do and like who you work with.


·         Be positive - Your positivity is a force multiplier.


·         Have fun - You love humor, working hard and playing hard, humility, positive vibes and respecting.